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Passion for Yoga

In 2016 yoga began to change my life. I had been slowly recovering from an unchecked chronic health condition and found myself attending aerial yoga, and soon following that teacher to mat yoga as well. I gained confidence in my ability to DO things again, as well as continuing to improve my health and wellbeing.

When I dove into life as a nomad in 2019, I also began my first Teacher Training, and began mainly teaching my community of travelers that summer. Enter the pandemic in 2020 where I had to learn to teach online suddenly (along with the rest of my industry) and I have found a real love and freedom of offering yoga to anyone, anywhere, via digital classes! 

Join me for free/donation classes every week on my Facebook page, join my Patreon for access to archived classes, and monthly interactive content (at the Sprout tier and above!), and reach out to schedule a digital private yoga session and give yourself a personalized and customized yoga experience!

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